Built Up

Extensive Built-Up Green Roofs can go on almost any flat or sloped roof Unlike modular roof trays seen here, built up green roofs are built from the ground up to meet specifications in any space. Usually consisting of a plywood or concrete deck, followed by insulation, waterproofing, drainage and filters. On top of this base, you would place a substrate or “super soil” followed by your desired sedum and seeds, a built-up green roof can provide natural and pleasing benefits to any roof!


Extensive Modular Green Roof systems are typically made of square or rectangle trays that include all the necessary elements required for a green roof. Most systems include Drainage Holes, Filter Fabric, Growth Media (Soil) and the requested vegetation type all within the tray. Please be aware that your roof must be absolutely waterproof before installing a green roof system. The benefits of having a modular system is that it is easy to install, remove and replace.

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